Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions
What is the legal age to use cannabis?

Although federally the Cannabis Act outlines the legal age for cannabis use at 18, the provinces have each set their own minimum age requirements. British Columbia has established a minimum age of 19 years to possess, purchase and consume cannabis. All persons entering the store must be 19 or older.

How much can I purchase?

You are legally allowed to purchase one ounce of flower per day, or it’s equivalent in other forms.

Where do your products come from?

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) regulates all legal cannabis sales in BC. As such it is the wholesale distributor for all cannabis products in BC. It supplies products from only federally approved producers who are regulated by tight standards under the Cannabis Act.

Can I Return Opened Products?

Provincial regulations regarding cannabis sales state that all cannabis purchases are considered final sales, unless the product has been damaged, recalled or defective (mouldy, expired or damaged in transit).

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